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Prior's creative solution to allow the "Employed Uninsured" access to health treatment

We consider that it is untenable that the vast majority of employees in South Africa are NOT on any type of Health Plan or Cover.

Prior have committed for many years to find a solution to the problem - and believe we now finally have the right answer.

The entire Health Care industry has struggled for years on HOW to enable the Employed Uninsured (the emerging market) to gain access to Health Services - at affordable prices!

There are estimated to be up to 20 000 000 people/workers employed in South Africa NOT on any Medical Aid Scheme - and who cannot afford to come on, or to purchase these benefits. Corporate employers sense a moral obligation to bring their Staff onto some kind of Health Cover - but the entry costs are just too prohibitive into Medical Schemes. Labor Unions are pressing employers for a practical solution.

The Government is being driven by this anomaly to mandate some type of cover, which may evolve into being incorporated partly into National Health - as some type of solution to address this huge problem.

Prior have spent huge resources and research over many years to address and resolve this problem. Our research & development was finalized in 2003, and we are now ready to launch the new product, and will do so as soon as we partner with the correct organization - who has the right philosophy and resources to take on this huge project - and do it properly.

Watch this space!


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